Real Talk Hip Hop Summit

Real Talk is an annual hip-hop summit that teaches youth to recognize and value their unique talents and gifts, and use them to benefit their communities through education, social entrepreneurship, and positive artistic expression. Through engaging in honest dialogue, and educating them about the roots of hip hop, our youth are shown how they can use the elements of hip hop to prepare themselves for higher education and careers in a global society. The summit features interactive workshops, a community panel discussion, and a showcase of positive talent from local, national, and international artists.It is our goal to use the momentum from the summit to create a year round movement dedicated to realizing the goals of the summit and creating a culture of positive living.Previous Summit Artists/ Panelists include:Killer Mike Dr. Joycelyn Wilson, Phd Brotha J X-ClanDJ Rasta RootKenny Muhammad the Human OrchestraOne ThurdYolanda Y-O Latimore

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